Beyond the Classroom

Through a purposeful and meaningful student activities program, St. 大卫的 School can further our mission of cultivating faith, virtue and knowledge within the lives of our students.

We encourage curricular and extra-curricular pursuits to help students develop important 生活 skills such as leadership, service and honor. Student activities also provide a platform for students to hone their communication skills and form 生活-long relationships. We believe these unifying, communal moments matter significantly.

As affirmed through our mission statement, St. 大卫的 seeks to prepare students for college and 生活.


Highlights of Student Life


Advisory Program

The advisory program at St. 大卫的 provides a small group setting where students can develop close relationships with classmates and their advisor. This is a space where Chapel discussions can be continued and explored, achievements can be celebrated, and support can be offered.

Co-Curricular Activities


Once a week, each division meets for an assembly. These brief gathering are opportunities to hear announcements, address topics, celebrate victories and share concerns.

Service Learning

A question often posed on campus is “How is Raleigh, the Triangle area, and the world around us a better place because of St. 大卫的?” We answer this through service. Our students pursue meaningful opportunities to serve the community and build positive relationships with organizations and individuals, both at home and abroad.

A minimum of 80 hours of community service is required for graduation; however, we believe selfless service is the beginning of new relationships. Our goal is to continually establish bonds with local and global communities so that service learning becomes a way of 生活.

St. 大卫的 students volunteer their time serving in soup kitchens, visiting nursing homes, conducting food drives, filling school backpacks for underprivileged students, tutoring in area schools, and building homes for Habitat for Humanity. Around the globe, our students recognize how service is vital for a fruitful 生活 by participating in community outreach to orphanages in Ethiopia, and partnering with Bridge Builders in Guatemala to build classrooms.